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Pontus Water Lentils Ltd (TSXV: HULK) makes pure plant-based protein powder sourced from nutritious water lentils, farm-grown in Vancouver, BC. Not only does Pontus Protein Powder exceed certified organic standards, but it’s also gluten-free, pure and allergen safe. It’s jam-packed full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and ALL the essential amino acids. This is not your average lentil, these are water lentils, a crop that can be harvested every 24 hours, in an indoor aquaponic farm that uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture, using leading proprietary CEVAS™ aquaponic agritech technology. This is wonderful news for a planet populated with us hungry and health-conscious humans!

Pontus Protein Powder is designed to be added to enhance the nutrition profile of food and drinks, at home or for food producers. Pontus also has a range of products that benefit from have Pontus Protein Powder at their core. The company will sell its products through retail, wholesale and online channels

Pontus Protein Powder, nourishing bodies and earth.

Our team

Connor Yuen
  • Connor Yuen’s early accomplishments include climbing to the top 1% of
  • executives in one of the most profitable network marketing orgazinations in the world.

    Over the past 4 years, Mr. Yuen has taken his sales aptitude and shifted his focus to understanding the financial and securities, primarily in the Cannabis sector. Astute guidance has resulted in large returns and a bond of trust with his clients including the founders of Pontus.

    Connor Yuen has strong interpersonal skills, is an accomplished public speaker and was Co-Founder of Planet Preservation Vancouver, a not-for-profit organization that provides free pick-up services of recyclable items in Vancouver’s lower mainland. Mr. Yuen’s balanced and environmentally sustainable approach to the industry is one of the key reasons he joined the Pontus Water Lentils team. His goal is to implement plans for the rapid deployment of Pontus facilities nationally and internationally.
Alson Niu
Executive Vice President
  • Alson Niu has worked as a business consultant for the past several years specializing in
  • marketing, branding, and private equity. He co-founded Tracer Digital, a Vancouver marketing solutions company and acts as the director of corporate communications with Evolve Branding.

    Alson has now applied his broad-based consulting experience to disrupt the Venture Capital and Private Equity arena as Managing Partner of Vancouver based Conquest Capital.
JR Lopez
J. R. Lopez
  • J. R. is a design and strategy veteran with more than 16 years of experience in film and television.
  • A series of successes in blockbuster films started his career. After obtaining an education in graphic communication J. R. launched an agency with angel investors and began acquiring companies through strategic partnerships and equity deals. As an owner of several businesses, his experience in a wide spectrum of industries gives him an edge in design and brand strategy, and he will drive the customer experience for Pontus.
Jason Ding
  • A Bachelor of Business (BBA) Graduate of Simon Fraser University, Mr. Jason Ding has been accredited with both a
  • CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) and CGA (Certified General Accountant) Canadian certifications. Mr. Ding has thrived in fast paced industries with over 13 years of hands-on financial and accounting management positions in a wide range of industries including Construction, Helicopters, Retail, Trucking and Software for both private and publicly traded companies.
Steve McArthur
  • As co-founder of Garden City Aquaponics Inc., Green Oasis Foods Ltd., and Pontus Protein
  • Ltd., Mr. McArthur is experienced with aquaponic design and has dedicated himself to the future of farming through aquaponics. Steve McArthur has worked with several well recognized engineering firms that have expertise in aquaponics design and operations, and he holds a lead position for aquaponics design for Pontus.

    Mr. McArthur also has valuable experience in mechanical engineering, physics, computer science and statistics, and is currently working toward a degree in engineering. He has attended aquaponic training with Nelson & Pade, NOA fisheries, Green ‘n Aquaponic Farms, You Grow Food, Devon Nurseries, and Mason St. Farms. Steve McArthur’s amassed skills and knowledge with aquaponics give him the tools to effectively move into the water lentil growing industry.