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Lightlife foods is a company that produces vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes. Lightlife was founded in Greenfield, MA in 1979 before relocating to Turner Falls, MA in 1998. It was first founded as Tempeh Works in an old, converted car wash.In the summer of 2000, ConAgra Foods acquired LightLife Foods, which was generating about $25 million in annual revenue at the time.Brynwood Partners acquired the company, which had roughly 90 employees at the time, from ConAgra Foods in September 2013. In 2017, Maple Leaf Foods bought Lightlife Foods for $140 million plus related costs. In 2019, LightLife introduced a plant-based burger produced with textured pea protein, beet powder, and engineered yeast.

"We’re proud of our roots. For over forty years, we’ve been committed to sharing our love for plant-based food and leading a balanced life. That’s why you’ll find our food is delicious and nutritious. Plus, we’re always looking for ways to improve our food and the impact we have on the planet." 

"We’re dedicated to becoming the most sustainable plant-based protein company on the planet."