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Globally Local is a plant-based food technology company that manufactures and distributes industry-leading plant-based protein and dairy alternatives using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. The company distributes its products through a proprietary food service line to company owned and franchised fast-food restaurant locations. Globally Local restaurant locations operate as smart kitchens, which use state-of-the art cooking technology and automation solutions to deliver a delicious food experience to customers craving healthier and more sustainable fast food. With small store footprints optimized for delivery and takeout, advanced cooking technology, competitive pricing, a vertically integrated supply chain along with healthier ingredients, Globally Local is revolutionizing the fast-food industry.

Food Technology

Globally Local manufactures 29 unique plant-based products specially designed for food service use.

• Products include plant-based chicken, beef, pork, egg, cheese and creamy sauces
•Use low processing technology to preserve the natural health benefits found in plants
• Emphasis is on simple and natural ingredients including chickpeas, wheat, oats and beans
• 100% nut-free product line with some gluten-free & soy-free products
• Organic and non-GMO ingredients for certain key products
• GMP/HACCP certification- targeted for May2021
• Globally Local owns all intellectual property of food developed and manufactured

Restaurant Design

• Take-out and delivery focused model
• Small, compact store design with minimal indoor seating
• Self-checkout & cashless system
• Pre-programmed, advanced cooking equipment
• Street level access for easy delivery and pick-up

Sustainable Pack

• Sustainable, compostable packaging used where possible
• Food and packaging designed for optimal customer take-out experience
• In-store waste diverted through landfill diversion program
• “Top trend in 2020: Plant-based proteins and delivery-friendly menu options in eco-friendly packaging”

Competitive Advantages

• 100% vegan company • Unique plant-based food products that we develop and manufacture
• On-demand cooking for fresh tasting consistent food prepared in under 60seconds
• Flexible labour model, can operate with single staff member

Community Involvement

• Provides financial support for community outreach initiatives as well as vegan and social justice organizations
• Donations in 2020 include: The Save Movement; Black Lives Matter Canada; Dara Farm Sanctuary; and Food Not Bombs
• Our restaurants distribute vegan educational materials and serve as a community information hub


James McInnes, BSc. Co-Founder &CEO, Director

Accomplished entrepreneur and scientist

Involved in the development of the product line, implementation of the technology systems and foundation of the Globally Local brand

Vasiliki McInnes, BSc. Co Founder & COO, Director

Experienced leader and public health specialist

Managed teams of more than one hundred staff in the health care industry and is an expert in policy development and operation