MeaTech Reveals Promising Results with Muscle Stem-Cell Differentiation

February 9, 2022

Successful development of novel technology process fusing muscle cells into significant muscle fibers that better resemble those in whole cuts of meat

NESS ZIONA, Israel, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- MeaTech 3D Ltd., (NASDAQ-CM: MITC), an international food technology company at the forefront of the cultured meat industry, today revealed significant improvement in its differentiation process from stem cells to muscle fibers. The company has succeeded in accelerating the formation of real living muscle fibers and enhancing their quality to mirror key characteristics of farm-raised meat.

These results show the process in which bovine stem cells were isolated, proliferated in the lab, and differentiated into matured muscle cells with improved muscle fiber density, thickness and length. Based on these improvements, MeaTech has filed a provisional patent application with the USPTO.

Arik Kaufman, CEO of MeaTech: "Today's achievement is another important step towards our goal of developing a true replacement for conventional meat. We are committed to advancing our cellular technology to attain a cultivated-meat-eating experience that replicates that of farm-raised meat. This achievement follows our recent announcement that we successfully 3D printed an almost 4 oz steak comprised of actual living muscle and fat tissue."

Yaron Kaiser, Chairman of the Board, MeaTech: "MeaTech's wonderful results, led by our technology team, place the company at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution.
The professionalism and capabilities of a small, elite, and goal-oriented technological team are enabling MeaTech to achieve significant and groundbreaking achievements efficiently and quickly, giving the company a clear competitive advantage in an industry that is on a secure path to changing our lives and the way we consume meat. "

About MeaTech 3D
MeaTech is an international food technology company at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker "MITC".
MeaTech initiated activities in 2019 and maintains facilities in Ness Ziona, Israel and Antwerp, Belgium. The company believes cultivated meat technologies hold significant potential to improve meat production, simplify the meat supply chain, and offer consumers a range of new product offerings.

MeaTech aims to provide an alternative to industrialized animal farming, circumventing the serious issues surrounding conventional animal husbandry, such as carbon footprint, water resources and animal welfare. By adopting a modular factory design, MeaTech will be able to offer a sustainable solution for a variety of species, including beef, chicken, and pork, both as raw materials and whole cuts; and also provide the production equipment.

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