Julia Frank | CEO, PlantX

July 26, 2021

Julia is an experienced Marketing, Brand and Business Development Manager, who has worked multiple years for companies like BMW and Daimler in Germany. She is holding an MBA as well as a Masters Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship and has successfully set up brand & company strategies. As the face of PlantX, Julia focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle, loves to cook plant-based recipes and travels the world to experience as many different cultures as possible.


What got you excited about getting involved with PlantX?

I have a strong background in the automotive industry, having worked for companies like BMW for over 5 years - which was great for my career and learning curve - but I have never been truly passionate about cars. When I met Sean, the founder of PlantX, and he told me about his idea and vision to found a company which aims to make the world a better place and both educate people about, and promote a plant-based lifestyle, I got excited right away. I have always had a passion for a healthy lifestyle, and already followed a primarily vegetarian diet, so I didn’t have any hesitation to become a part of PlantX.  Working with PlantX helped me truly realize how important it is to have a passion for what you do, and how it affects the way that you work. Actually it doesn’t even really feel like work, since it is more a mission and a heart project because I truly believe that so much more has to be done in the plant-based space to ultimately make people understand how much healthier and happier they can live while ultimately saving the environment at the same time.

Can you share what PlantX is building?

PlantX is first and foremost an ecommerce company, but we have multiple verticals in place to serve both the plant-based community and the global community at large. While you can order everything from grocery and pantry items to pet food and cosmetics on the site, we also offer a meal delivery service (currently active in Canada, and launching in the US imminently with plans to expand it globally as well), along with other verticals that help promote wellness and sustainability like our houseplants and fresh-pressed juices. We are also building a global community supporting an eco-friendly lifestyle where everyone is welcome. PlantX is the one-stop shop for all things plant-based and the digital face of the plant-based community.

Can you share a bit about what PlantX’s plans are for becoming a globally recognized brand in plant based foods?

PlantX is an ecommerce platform with the goal of serving healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable products and food to everyone, everywhere. We plan to achieve this goal with the educational and entertaining content that we produce, our brick and mortar locations - which also serve as educational centers - and our expansion to the US, UK, EU, and Israel. Coupled with our partnerships with household name athletes, brand ambassadors, our social media outreach, and the current market trend towards plant-based living, we feel like we are well-positioned to become a globally recognized brand in the plant-based sphere.

Plant based products are clearly one of the fastest growing trends in health and wellness. What advantages would you say PlantX has over other newcomers who are going after the opportunity?

There are definitely a good amount of advantages. We enjoy a first-mover advantage for sure, but it goes deeper than that. So many companies carry only one specific product or brand, but PlantX is a platform that aims to carry all brands and products under one beautiful plant-based umbrella. We also enjoy a robust team of experienced individuals at the helm. Our founder, Sean Dollinger, is a titan in the ecommerce world, and the rest of the officers all have the requisite knowledge and experience to succeed at the highest levels. Plus, we have no debt and plenty of cash on hand to expand the business through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

What challenges do you see plant based products in general needing to overcome currently in order to be more widely adopted?

Many people think that a plant-based diet doesn't provide enough energy, or that there isn’t a wide selection of meals, or that they are difficult or time-consuming to cook. We aim to show our customers how easy it is to live a plant-based lifestyle, so we share weekly recipes, and for those that don't enjoy cooking or don't have the time to cook, we offer a fantastic ´set and forget´ meal program, which can be ordered à la carte, or by choosing our full meal, 3-day or 5-day program. This allows our customers to really experience a plant-based diet, and see the difference in how they feel.

What would you say you are most excited about building right now at PlantX and what potential impact do you see that having in the world?

I am originally from Germany, and am therefore really excited about our expansion plans for Europe. I see a lot of potential in these markets for PlantX. For example, just recently we’ve seen that big, well-known supermarket chains in Germany - like Aldi and Lidl - have now started to offer their own plant-based product lines. So this is just the beginning of bringing plant-based products to the masses and allowing easy access, which means we are in the right place at the right time to play a significant part in the plant-based movement - not just in North America, but also in Germany and all over Europe and the rest of the world. I can’t wait to roll out our e-commerce platform, to reach as many people as possible and to raise awareness that a plant-based lifestyle can make you feel so good, that it can be so easy to adopt, and can also save the environment. For PlantX, education is key and everyone and anyone can do it if they simply know how to make the switch!
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